Don't Wait for a Tree to Come Crashing Down

Hire Shupp's Tree Service for your tree services in the Palmerton, PA area

Trees can be incredibly resilient, but they aren't immune to damage. Whether your trees have been damaged in a storm or are simply growing out of control, Shupp's Tree Service can help. We provide tree services in and around Palmerton, Pennsylvania. We'll take care of your tree problems before they get out of hand.

Our services include...

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree bracing
  • Stump grinding
  • Hedge trimming

We can trim dead, dying or overgrown branches to keep your trees healthy. Or we can remove a tree entirely by cutting it down and hauling it away.

Discuss your options with a dedicated tree company. Contact us today.

Put Your Tree Care Needs in Good Hands

Hire a licensed and insured tree company

Protect your property and your trees

Falling trees are a common cause of property damage. If you have a tree that's structurally weak or leaning, talk to us about tree removal. Shupp's Tree Service can cut down that problem tree before it falls on your house.

Don't want to remove a tree entirely? Prepare it for severe weather with our tree bracing services. We'll give your tree extra support using a system of cables.

Arrange for your tree services in Palmerton, PA or surrounding areas.